Sunday, October 04, 2009

Share, Be Happy, Be Nice to People

Today Baha'is all over the country had Unit Conventions to choose their delegates for the election of the National Spiritual Assembly in April. We also consulted on how to fulfill our role in rebuilding a broken world.

The children's class came up with their own contributions. The banner they created says "Share, Be Happy, Be Nice to People". Yup. That about sums it up.....


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Racn4acure said...

If everyone one the world did those three simple things, what a great improvement there would be. Art

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, Thanks for Sharing the photo and your insights...makes me Happy! - Roseann

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If EVERY child had these intentions - early, think of the impact.....a generation or two later.
Great work by you Anne.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Hi Art, Yes, it would be a great improvement!
Hi Roseann, Thanks, it makes me happy too!
Hi Anonymous, Yes, it would be a great impact! I can't take any credit for this though, I wasn't part of this children's class, and I think they probably came up with it on their own (maybe with a tiny little bit of prompting!)


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