Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hawk Mountain River of Rocks

Today started out as a beautiful day for a hike. I saw a large hawk fly over my back yard, and based on the tail and size, I think it was a Cooper's Hawk. I was hopeful it was an indication of a good birding day, and I was excited to visit Hawk Mountain . Unfortunately, however, there didn't seem to be a lot of migration today, and after eating lunch at North Lookout we decided to hike the trails instead.

We took the River of Rocks trail and then the Golden Eagle trail. Near the end of our hike, it started to rain, but luckily we were past most of the rock scrambling (rocks + rain = bad).

After a day of hiking we went to a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant in Kempton. I had the potato filling, pickled beets, coleslaw, corn fritters, and apple fritters - a typical Pennsylvania Dutch meal (sans meat of course!).

It was a great early Autumn day in Pennsylvania.....

The aptly named River of Rocks


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