Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bahá'í Fast Day One

Today was the first day of the Bahá'í Fast. The first day is always a time of adjustment, and remembering what fasting feels like. Huffington Post ran a nice article today about the season of fasting here.

I got up before dawn and had a substantial breakfast to start the day: oatmeal with raspberries and walnuts, fruit, yogurt, corn bread. As the day progressed the familiar feeling of fasting came back.

This weekend when I went hiking we had a lot of climbing icy snow covered trails. I found that if I looked to the top of the mountain, I got discouraged and I didn't think I'd make it. But when I focused on the next step in front of me and took it one moment at a time I was able to do it. The same is true of fasting. The minute I think of how long I have to go yet, the more difficult it becomes. Instead, if I focus on what I am doing at the moment, eventually the time passes and soon it is sunset.

This first day is a time of simplification. I didn't focus on solving the world's problems (see previous post!), I simply tried to be absorbed in whatever task I was doing at the moment. Perhaps this is where detachment starts to happen.

When the sun set, I had a wonderful meal of chili and brown rice and salad. The day is winding down now and I just might find some dessert to finish off my evening meal!

And so the first day is completed, and the season of Fasting has begun.



At 3:54 AM, Blogger EdoRiver said...

My first visit to your blog. From your map of readers, I wonder who the others are from Japan.

Anycase, I am looking for Fast companions. You know I are about 13 hours into your future :-). March in this area of Japan (north Kanto) is windy and bright skies every March. So I would guess the wind chill puts the temp. about 20-something or lower. and gusts are a steady 10-15mph perhaps. So we are in day 2 and I wonder when I will make it outside for a view of dawn along our small network of rivers (in the US we would have hacall these "creeks") here. The embankment which the Japanese national engineers have built up on both sides of these scrawny rivers lift us high up for the wind to make it difficult walking. Realllllllly freezing cold, steady winds in March. BUT, you can see Fuji-SAMA!!!!!! and I tell you, if there is such a thing as a holy mountain, Fuji-san, would get my vote. Of course we are faaaaaaaar away from the mountain, but still, you could see it (if you were here). Beautiful flat topped cone covered in white, then as you watch the clouds race by.

Finally I agree with your breakfast menu point. Eat something that sticks to your stomach, and eat quality foods. For myself, drinking enough liquids is always more important than foods to keep an alert mind for studying Japanese kanji.
see you later!

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Hi EdoRiver, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's nice to think I have a Fast companion in Japan! When I am eating, you are Fasting, and vice versa!
Thank you for your lovely description of Japan, it sounds absolutely stunning. I love natural beauty and I love spending time outdoors, so I am certain I would love it. I hope I get to see Japan some day!
It's very cold here also, but this time of year every once in a while we get a nice warm day. Spring is definitely on the horizon.
Yes, I agree, water is important. I also find it's important to make sure I get enough sleep this time of year.

Thanks again for writing and have a Blessed and meaningful Fast!


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