Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Special Birthday for a Very Special Friend

Today I helped celebrate the 70th birthday of my friend Hong Foo. His family had a wonderful party for him at the Trexler Game Preserve. We had a perfect day, warm in the sun, and ever so slightly cool in the shade. It was a great day to walk around and enjoy the park too.

Hong's son gave a touching tribute to him. He said his father influenced him by showing him the value of friendship; Hong's friends are very diverse, from many different walks of life and many cultures, and they all feel very special to him. He also said that his father raised him to think globally; they traveled often and developed a wider perspective of the world. Finally, Hong taught his family to follow their dreams and be independent in thought and spirit. Hong's daughter also paid a special tribute to her father. She talked about a Quaker (Society of Friends) saying "let your life speak". She said her father and her mother let their lives speak by their shining example; they lead lives of meaning and relevance and kindness and purpose. They have filled their lives with the love of many friends.

We enjoyed a fabulous Chinese meal including red colored eggs symbolizing fertility and prosperity and noodles symbolizing long life. Afterwards there was plenty of time for socializing and enjoying the park.

To see my very talented friend's artwork please visit his gallery at Hong Tatt Foo's Gallery.

Happy 70th Birthday Hong!

What a glorious day for a celebration!

There sure were some strange guests at this party.

Just lounging around and hanging out

I love this time of year!

The guest of honor and me


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Racn4acure said...

Sounds like a great get-together for a good person. What nice tributes to your friend, and the meal sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

I love this time of year too, Anne. I just want to be outdoors all the time, and if I had tons of vacation time I would be tempted to take the whole spring off. No such luck. Art

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Hi Art, Thanks so much, we had a wonderful time! Yes, this is such a beautiful time of year, I really love it. What a special time when all the trees and flowers are blossoming!


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