Sunday, May 04, 2008

French Creek State Park

Today we went on a beautiful 11.1 mile hike at French Creek State Park in Berks County. The day started out hazy and overcast, but by early afternoon the sun was shining and the skies were bright and clear. On the way home we stopped at St. Peter's Village for dinner and ice cream. Those of us who still had any stamina left spent some time walking along the creek and climbing on the boulder field.

Our group starting out

The lush woodlands of French Creek State Park

French Creek State Park has many tall trees, mostly maple and birch.

On the trail

We stopped for lunch at Scotts Run Lake, one of two beautiful lakes within the park.

Hiking is such hard work! How we suffer!

By the lake, at lunch

Another view of Scotts Run Lake

Well fed hikers after lunch

The wildlife was abundant.

A view of Hopewell Lake

The boulder strewn creek at St. Peter's Village

St. Peter's Village

Climbing on boulders in the creek

Beautiful flowers still in bloom

Magnolia blossoms
The late afternoon sky was clear and bright.


At 5:36 PM, Blogger Mr Sammo said...

Nothing says abundant wildlife like a picture of a single brown toad. ;) :)

I really like the second picture. It shows off the height of the trees; and the path that just seems to disappear into the woods is enticing in a mysterious way.


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