Saturday, April 11, 2009

Climbing Mount Misery in the Rain

This morning I went for a hike at Valley Forge National Historic Park. The day was mostly warm, but a light rain fell all morning. We started out by hiking Mount Misery, and spent some time off trail including scrambling up a steep hill, digging our boots in as much as possible to keep from sliding through wet leaves. We were rewarded with a brief sighting of a fox that quickly ran for cover. I don't have any photos to show since I kept my camera out of the rain!

Then we hiked on Mount Joy for a bit, finally ending up in the historic section of the park. Spring is beginning to emerge, white blossoms adorn some of the trees and light pink and dark magenta magnolia blossoms are slowly beginning to open. I am sure these April rain showers will encourage the new Spring growth!

Despite the rain, it was wonderful to be out on the trail, watching for signs of the change of seasons, and getting conditioned for the hiking season to follow. Later, after I was finally home and in dry clothes, the sun came out and skies are blue and clear.


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