Sunday, September 28, 2008

Celtic Fest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I spent today at Celtic Fest in Bethlehem. It was a rainy day, but it felt nice to be under the pavilion eating some piping hot potato soup, listening to Irish music, watching the rain drizzle outside, and dreaming of ole Ireland! In the morning I saw some Irish games, men tossing a 56 pound iron ball, but later many were cancelled because of the dreary weather. We walked around checking out the beautiful photographs, arts and crafts, and handmade jewelry, and I left the festival with a brand new pair of shiny sterling silver earrings with a Celtic design!

We heard a lot of beautiful music including the ever popular Highland Bagpipes. For the sounds of Ireland, listen to the video below:

Update 10/05/2008- I just received an email from one of the musicians in the band! He saw my video posted on YouTube. He said the following: "Thank you for posting that video. It is the band I play with. Their name is Westminster Pipe Band. We placed Second that day. We are from Oklahoma. Have a nice day!"


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