Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's a Scorcher!

This weekend's heat wave in Eastern Pennsylvania brought us temperatures in the high nineties. Friday night was hazy and humid, not a perfect night for stargazing. I went to the South Mountain observatory anyway and had nice views of Saturn, Mars, the globular star cluster M13, the beautiful double star Albireo, and an interesting fly-by of the International Space Station.

Saturday was searingly hot and a good day for dabbling in the garden, but not too long, going out to eat at my favorite Indian restaurant and having spicy hot food and coolingly refreshing mango lassis, and a nighttime walk.

Sunday didn't bring any relief from the weather. I spent a lazy afternoon strolling through historic Bethlehem and looking at the pretty gardens and beautiful old homes.

Flowers growing by the garden gate

Beautiful iron fence and garden

In front of City Hall

These flowers smelled wonderful!

Flowers on Market Street

Trinity Episcopal

A pot of geraniums

Showing off my Mom's green thumb. This beautiful rose is from Mom and Dad's garden.


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Mr Sammo said...

Hot times in Westsylvania also, although probably a few degrees cooler than in the east. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself in the heat, people always think I'm crazy when I go out for a walk in heat like this.

Spicy hot food on a hot day really hits the spot!


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