Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today I saw the movie The Kite Runner at the Nineteenth Street Theatre. It was truly one of the most beautiful, touching, soul-stirring movies I have ever seen. One of the central themes revolves around young Amir's decision to look away when his loyal, devoted childhood friend Hassan is the victim of human cruelty, racism, and class prejudice. Now, as a young man, Amir has the chance to redeem himself and refuse to turn a blind eye in the face of hatred, violence, and abuse.

Although the movie is centered around a friendship and a war torn culture, perhaps the lesson it teaches is universal. The movie causes us all to ask ourselves in what way we look away in the face of human unkindness, and worse, war. The courage to stand up for our fellow humans is perhaps the only way that we can, indeed, find hope for a better future.

Another unmistakeable theme is the horror inflicted upon children in times of conflict or war. UNICEF advocates children's rights and brings awareness and protection to children. The world is no longer looking away.


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