Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hawk Mountain, Kempton, PA in the Winter Season

Today I hiked the trails of Hawk Mountain. Sadly, I left my camera memory card at home, so hopefully my words alone will be sufficient description of a beautiful Winter day.

I hiked to the North Lookout, where the lush greens of Summer and the brilliant vermilion of Autumn has given way to an expanse of browns occasionally interspersed with the green of a pine tree. The clear blue sky had wisps of white clouds high overhead, blending into smokey purple and grey where the rolling hills met the distant horizon. It felt good to lace up the hiking boots again, after about a month in between hikes. Visiting the mountain is always like seeing a familiar friend, I've seen these trails over many seasons.

These trails are well used, but to me the human element is one of the most charming aspects of Hawk Mountain. In general, these hikers have at least some awareness of the vision with which the sanctuary was founded, not only for protection and preservation of wildlife, but also for public education and outreach. Today I spoke to a young family from Philadelphia visiting the mountain for the first time. I encouraged them to come out again in the Spring or Fall for the hawk migration, and to bring a pair of binoculars. I also conversed with an elderly gentleman who visits the trails several times a week about the joys of being in nature, breathing in the crisp air, and enjoying the vista.

Hawk Mountain is a local Pennsylvania treasure to be enjoyed when the world is waking up again in Spring, and also when the mountains are arrayed in the brilliant hues of Autumn, but the quiet and gentle beauty of Winter on the mountain is an experience not to be missed.

Memories of other seasons- North Lookout in Summer

South Lookout in Autumn

For visitor information, see Hawk Mountain .


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