Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gardening Day and End of Summer Picnic

Today I spent a bit of time doing some late summer gardening. I bought some chrysanthemums (three pinky purple and two creamy white). I'm slowly learning the "new homeowner gardening tricks". This year I grew some vegetables (peppers, tomatoes and eggplant) and some herbs (basil, lavender, oregano). I also put in some petunias in the front yard. Now that it's almost Fall, chrysanthemums seem to be a popular flower, so I thought I'd fill in some color in the front yard with flowers. Here is a photo of the flowers I bought before I planted them. It's my attempt to be "artsy", it's a black and white shot with the flowers tinted.

I also went to a friend's house for a Baha'i Feast and end of summer picnic. There were about twenty five people there. We had grilled burgers (veggie burgers too!), potato salad, salad, homemade peach pie, and baklava. We saw some old friends and new friends and had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company and the still warm weather.


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