Saturday, November 06, 2010

Copper Mine Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Kaiser Trail at Delaware Water Gap

Today was a blustery November day for hiking at the Delaware Water Gap. We followed the Copper Mine Trail along a beautiful stream with cascading small waterfalls. I started out wearing lots of layers, but the uphill climb warmed us up and we began removing layers! The rocky trails were covered with wet leaves making for a challenging hike where we had to step carefully.

Delaware Water Gap is a beautiful park. After walking along the flowing waterfalls, we hiked through forests of oak trees, then along hemlock and rhododendron lined trails, and finally over open vistas along the ridge with views of the valley on both sides.

Many small waterfalls were along the trail.

Beautiful flowing water. This was a hike for the senses! I love to listen to cascading streams, and I love the smell of crisp Autumn air and fallen leaves.

A view of the reservoir from the ridge where we ate lunch. This is what November looks like!


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