Sunday, February 15, 2009

Philadelphia Mural Walk

This morning we bundled up and took a short walk along the Schuylkill River in Fairmount Park and then headed into the city to look at murals from the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program . From the Mural Arts website:

"Since its inception, the Mural Arts Program (MAP) has been involved in more than 2,400 indoor and outdoor mural projects-making Philadelphia home to the largest collection of public murals in the country.Established in 1984 as part of a citywide anti-graffiti initiative, MAP initially worked with young, adjudicated graffiti writers, redirecting their artistic energies into making art that would enhance, rather than undermine their communities. Since then, the program has grown steadily, reaching out to an ever-widening sphere of young people and producing increasingly more accomplished works of public art."

After viewing all the beautiful murals, we wandered into Chinatown where we warmed up and had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.

This was in a downtown city park.

Close up of a dragonfly.

Another close up

A beautiful three part mural

Statue of Liberty with flag of Puerto Rico

Common Threads

Colorful Scouting mural

Tribute to Nursing

Colorful restaurant in Chinatown

The Thinker in front of The Rodin Museum


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